On Demand Courses

Continuing Education is evolving to meet the needs of our builders with On Demand learning. Builders will be able to take courses anytime and anywhere, meaning workers can take control of their own learning at a time and place that suits them. Builders can learn at their own pace 24/7/365.

On Demand Training increases engagement significantly, as employees can take control of their own learning and put their learning into practice.

Atlantic Home Warranty is developing a growing list of self-study modules that will advance one’s knowledge in building science, with a focus from our warranty learnings, to build durable high-quality homes.

For members of AHW, our On Demand Courses are affordable, with the first person from your company paying $150 and each additional employee only paying $50. Therefore, the On Demand Learning Program scales with your company, improving employee knowledge and skills in a cost-effective manner.

On Demand courses currently available are Foundation Fundamentals and Water Penetration. AHW will be developing additional courses building a library of On Demand Courses with easy access for our members.