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Atbin Homes Limited    •     E-Mail     •    Web

Blue Ocean Construction Limited     •    E-Mail   Web  902-832-6666

Bowers Construction Ltd.     •    E-Mail

City Star Construction Limited     •    E-Mail

Crescent Home Ltd.

Cresco Construction Limited  •    E-Mail     •    Web    902-832-6666

Hage Enterprises Limited     •    E-Mail     •    Web   902-406-7490 

Highgate Construction Inc.    •    E-Mail

Issa Trading and Industrial Inc.   E-Mail    902-401-5655

Jullin Construction Ltd.     •    E-Mail

Levis St. Design Group Ltd.    Email

Marchand Homes Ltd.   Email

N. Smith Family Property Developments Inc.  Email 

Redden Brothers Dev. Ltd.     •    E-Mail

S.A.K. Homes Ltd.   Email

Sawa Homes Inc.     •    E-Mail

Shaughnessy Homes Limited     •    E-Mail    902-830-9991

Siravista Development Ltd.    Email 


1 OAK Studio Inc.    Email

Ariana Developments Limited    •     E-Mail   902-407-8670  

Character Homes Inc.   Email

EPH Total Construction    E-Mail

Euro Touch Homes Ltd.     E-Mail

Gallupe Commercial Holdings Inc.     E-Mail

Green Leaf Construction Ltd.     E-Mail     Web

Harbour Ridge Developments Ltd.     Email

J. Bungay Construction Co. Ltd.    E-Mail    Web

J.A. MacRae Construction Ltd.    E-Mail    

Jim Morash Construction Ltd.     E-Mail

JOHAN Construction Limited    E-Mail

Jonesco Contracting Inc.    E-Mail    Web

Kiel Developments Ltd.     E-Mail    Web

MacFarlane Homes    E-Mail    Web    902-434-6400

Maple Leaf Homes

Moore & Cormier Cont. Ltd. (Foundation Contractor)    E-Mail

Nature Ridge Homes Ltd.     E-Mail    Web 

Paragon Properties Ltd.   Email 

Pinnacle Construction Ltd.    E-Mail    

Prestige Homes Inc.

Quantum Developments Ltd.    E-Mail    Web

Sawlor Construction Ltd.    E-Mail    Web

Tibert, Jason    E-Mail  

Titan Construction Services (1988) Ltd.

Tri-Force Contracting Ltd.    E-Mail    

Wee-Will Contractors Ltd.    E-Mail   902-462-7391



GNS Renovations Inc.     E-Mail

Kel-Greg Enterprises    E-Mail    Web 

Kozy Homes Construction     E-Mail   902-883-1202

Fall River

Blue Ridge Builders     E-Mail

Estate Homes and Renovations Ltd.     E-Mail 

Gerald Mitchell Contracting Ltd.    E-Mail     Web

M. Smith Contracting Limited   E-Mail   

Melendy Homes Ltd.     E-Mail

Pinehurst Builders Ltd.     E-Mail    Web    902-835-9000

R. Bowes Construction     E-Mail

Rooftight Construction Ltd.     E-Mail    Web 

Rysco Construction E-Mail

Stonewater Construction E-Mail

T. Johnson Construction Services Ltd.     E-Mail


3146732 Nova Scotia Ltd.     E-Mail

3262707 Nova Scotia Ltd./Daniel Cook    E-Mail 

Ainslie Investments Ltd.

Birkshire Developments Inc.     E-Mail 

Black Diamond Builders Ltd.     E-Mail

Blackhawk Construction Ltd.    E-Mail  

Brad Goodsell Design/Build   Email

Brunello Estates Inc.    E-Mail

C V Home Builders     E-mail

Chambers Hill Estates     E-Mail

Chris McLaughlin Construction      E-Mail

Clayton Developments Ltd.     E-Mail

Cottage Keeper - Interhab   E-mail

Destiny Homes Inc.     E-Mail     Web

Fairway Investments Ltd.     E-Mail

Future Design Builders Ltd.     E-Mail

GBE Construction Inc.   E-Mail 

Gaetz Custom Homes     E-Mail   902-889-2546

Grande Coastal Homes Ltd.     E-mail    Web

Han-Cor Construction Inc.     E-Mail     Web

Kent Homes     E-Mail    Web

Lee Theriault Enterprises Ltd.     E-Mail

Legacy Home Builders Ltd.   E-Mail     Web

MRB Contracting Inc.     E-Mail     Web

Marble Construction & Trading Group      E-Mail

Mayabella Homes Limited     E-Mail

Omaray Developments Ltd. 

Peter Braithwaite Studio   E-Mail

Picket Fence Homes     E-Mail

ReDesigns Home Makeovers Inc.    E-Mail

Richard Jamieson General Contracting Ltd.     E-Mail

Savvy Homes Construction Ltd.   E-Mail   902-880-7289

Seven Lakes Developments Ltd.    Email 

Squarey & Ziegler Homes & Construction Ltd.     E-Mail

Thibault  Woodworkers

Whitestone Developments Ltd.     E-Mail    Web   902-444-4040


Lower/Middle Sackville

Built by Bill Inc.     E-Mail 

FH Development Group    E-Mail      

Island Partner Investments Limited    •   E-Mail

Mattice Construction

Parker Estates (South Rawdon) • Email

P F Properties Limited     •    E-Mail

Ramar Construction Ltd.     •    E-Mail     •    Web

Rhodora Developments     •    E-Mail

S. Larade Custom Home Builders Ltd.     •    E-Mail

Seven Oaks Const. Ltd.     •    E-Mail

Troy Built Homes     •    E-Mail    902-865-9493

W.C.H Builders     •    E-Mail