Training Requirements

AHW has education standard, which Members are obliged to meet in order to maintain membership status. This standard came in to effect May 1, 2012. The following time line will be in effect for ALL MEMBERS of Atlantic Home Warranty.

Mandatory Courses & Training Timelines

  • National Building Code
    completed within 1st year of membership
  • National Building Code Updates (As applicable)
    completed within 12 months of course availability
  • AHWP Administration Workshop
    completed within 2 years of membership
  • Atlantic Builder Workshop Series
    following modules (total of 6) completed within two years of membership
    (a) Foundations 1
    (b) Foundations 2
    (c) Moisture Problems and Foundations
    (d) Doors and Windows
    (e) Ventilation: Health and Safety Issues
    (f) Drywall Application
  • Better Built House
    completed within 3 years of membership
  • Atlantic Housing Professional Series
    completed within 4 years of membership

For general inquiries on training courses offered through Atlantic Home Warranty, please contact the Continuing Education Manager, Jennifer Howard at 902-450-9000 ext. 4 or 1-800-320-9880 ext. 4 or email