Foundations 2 - Atlantic Builder Workshop Series

The Builder Workshops were first developed by CMHC and CHBA in the late 1980's, with the objective of providing practical solutions to common construction problems. The entire Builder Series consists of more than a dozen modules, with additional workshops developed to respond to renovation issues. Five of these are mandatory training for Atlantic Home Warranty Builders in their first 2 years of membership. These sessions address the key problem areas in residential construction in the Atlantic Region that most commonly result in call-backs problems that can be avoided by using the right materials and methods.

The workshop is organized in a problem-cause-solution format, and makes use of multi-media technical material.

Members $150.00 plus HST, Non-Members $175.00 plus HST

The Foundation 2 webinar will cover the following objectives:

  • Part 9 of the National Building Code (NBC 2010) as it relates to foundations
  • Identification of foundation footings requirements
  • Understanding column sizing and attachment requirements
  • Review of floor on ground requirements
  • Review of crawlspace foundation requirements
  • Understanding of ICF practices
  • Introduction of radon management and control options


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